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Hi-Rise- A tall building with many stories consisting of many individual units. Ownership is either co-operative, a condominium or it can be a rental.Hi Rise - Condo or Co-op

Townhouses - Also known as Row Houses, or Attached Houses. Two to three story homes sharing common walls with neighboring houses on either side. Depending on the entire complex, ownership can be fee simple, co-operative or condominium. Each unit has its own entrance.

townhouse - condo or co-op

Bi-Level Style - A two story home with lower level usually consisting of a recreational area and one or two bedrooms. The upper level has a living room, dining room, kitchen and the remainder of bedrooms.
house for sale

Colonial Style - A two or three story home. The living area, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, etc. is located on the main level. Most or all of the bedrooms are on the upper level. There are many variations in style and size.

Colonial Real Estate

Cape Cod Style - A one and a half story home. The first floor has a kitchen, living room, dining room, and one or more bedrooms. The second floor has space to expand into more bedrooms.

Cape Cod Home

Brownstone - Usually four or five story homes covering entire city blocks. They have common side walls with their neighbors on either side.

Brownstone - Condominium or Co-op

Garden Style Units - Apartment style units, either rental or condominium. The building is usually two or three stories high with each floor containing approximately four units. All units in each building share a common entrance.

Garden Style Condominum

Split-Level Style - A house with different levels, none of which are a complete story higher than another. The ground level usually has a recreation area. The middle level has the kitchen, dining room, and living room. the upper level consists of the bedrooms. Styles include "side-to-side" splits and "front to back" splits.
home for sale

Ranch Style - A one story home with many variations in style and size.

Ranch House

Bungalow - A small, one story house that usually has an open air enclosed front porch.

Bungalow House



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