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Ms. Terri Golden has earned my deepest gratitude and thanks for her outstanding work as the accomplished realtor who led a successful effort recently to sell our house.  She possesses not only tremendous knowledge of the housing market but also the ability effectively to communicate that information.  Terri Golden is a dynamic, energetic, supportive, and caring person who has the capacity to direct, inspire, guide, and facilitate in any situation having to do with the buying or selling of property while remaining sensitive to the human factors involved.  She can come up with excellent solutions in difficult circumstances.  Anyone who wants to be represented by an expert realtor who knows how to handle the most complex problems in a skilled and efficient manner would be well advised to ask for Terri Golden.  She has my highest recommendation.
Ora Frishberg Saloman
New York, New York

Terri Golden is the consummate professional. She called us promptly and was already up to speed on our NJ property. Terri had done her homework and knew the history of our failed attempt with the previous real estate agency. She knew when the house originally went on the market, the house description, beginning list price, price reductions and all there was to know about the 307 Henry Street property. She came to the table completely prepared to handle the task at hand. Terri made an appointment to see the house but had to wait for my wife Bonnie to fly in from Denver and show it to her. Terri arrived on time, viewed the property, advised us of the necessary actions we had to take in order to pass the house inspection such as carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. After seeing the property she investigated what similar houses in the area had sold for and saw what comparable houses were listed for. She kept us current throughout the process and was a delight to work with.

Bonnie & Henry Hanna
Denver, Colorado

I wish to complement you for your extraordinary professional performance from the time of my first phone call regarding the sale of my apartment in Fort Lee until closing.

You immediately made yourself available to view my apartment at my convenience, and arrived right on schedule. Together we did a careful walk-through of the apartment, discussing its features in detail, and eventually determined its highest realistic asking price and how you would advertise it, including personal advertising efforts with your own network of other select realtors. On the following weekend, when when you made my apartment available for viewing by potential buyers for the first time, one
of the other realtors in your network showed my apartment to a couple who liked it very much, returned the next day for a second visit with you, and made a formal, all cash offer on the third day, for full asking price. You were always on top of developments at each step along the way to closing, which occurred right on schedule. This transaction was a best-case-scenario event, with a laser-sharp focus on getting the deal
done, swiftly and relatively painlessly.

I will happily and sincerely refer anyone I know who is selling or buying a residence in the northern New Jersey area to you.

Fred Philippi
New York City

I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment one of your real estate agents - Ms. Terri Golden - she has been so supportive of me while I am going through the sale of my home and the buying of a new place at a time which has not been easy for me.... I consider her a friend as well as my real estate agent and I will recommend her to anyone and everyone I know ... she has been very caring and yet very professional and usually one step ahead of me as we have gone along ... my closing is this friday and I wanted to send this letter before I get completely involved in the moving and unpacking .... my son has been most impressed with her and it has eased his mind knowing she has been here for me - I have never (obviously) felt so strongly about wanting to write a letter about someone before but I did so want you to know how I feel ...

Sheila Glatt
Edgewater, NJ

Several months ago when Don and I embarked on the search for a condominium in Bergen County, we weren't sure where to start. We turned to my sister, a Coldwell Banker representative in Sussex County, who in turn introduced us to you. It was a fortunate introduction.

We needed help and you provided the guidance about condominium living and the types of communities which fit our needs. You targeted our outings and we always felt our visits to listings were good matches.

Your professionalism not only assisted in our search but also in our negotiations when we offered a bid on our present home. Your knowledge made the process painless!

Thanks, Terri, for your help. We are happily settled in our new condominium, due in no small part to your contributions.

Peg Hambrick
Teaneck, NJ

Terri Golden was very quick to find the kind of apartments for me to examine. She listened to my needs, explained the differences between condos and co-ops, helped me get my mortgage, find an attorney, find a home inspector and even helped me fill out the co-op board questionnaire. Terri was always prompt in returning my e-mails and was never uncomfortable with communicating via the internet. Because of my schedule, it was difficult for us to talk via phone and I needed an agent who was internet savvy. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. I was very happy with her services and I am very happy in my new apartment.

Mark Hubey
Ft. Lee, NJ

Being first time buyers, we had an idea of the market and the process into which we were entering. Finding a broker we liked was the challenge. Friends who had just sold their co-op apartment referred Terri Golden to us. From the first time we met, Terri was straightforward, honest and realistic about our search. She was responsive to phone calls and available to work with our schedules. Terri not only showed us everything that was available in our budget (and some outside it), but counseled us on our options when we found the condo we eventually purchased. And as we kept scouring the papers with buyer's remorse after we placed a bid on our home, she followed up on every frantic phone call. At the end of it all we not only found a wonderful real-estate broker, but also a friend.

Nicky and Eric Freeman
Cliffside Park

Moving from a contemporary single family home into a luxury condo - the product of a profitable sale and a well priced purchase. Both of them occurred because of Terri's expert guidance, research and negotiating skills. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that Terri is a complete professional, has a thorough understanding of the current market and is a tireless worker for her clients. That describes, or should describe any outstanding broker. In addition to these skills, what sets Terri apart is her integrity. She takes time to understand her clients' housing needs and expectations. She has abundant energy to do what it takes to achieve a successful deal and the patience to explain even the most convoluted concepts as they relate to the buying and selling process. Furthermore, she manages to do all this with grace and charm.

From the living room of my new apartment overlooking the NYC skyline, I remain
A Satisfied Client - J. Kinberg
Cliffside Park, NJ


To contact Terri Golden:

Phone: (201) 461-5000
Fax: (201) 461-6509
Evenings: (201) 941-4702

2151 Lemoine Avenue
Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024